Seek The Saints

One fun time

…I’ll be ready soon, I should hic just do this reeeeaaal quick. …Now let’s see, we went back to finish the job that we didn’t before. I killed…hmmm…3…4…8? geneshtealersh hic hahahaha s-TEAL-ers. All the time when I fought them I just was thinking about this songs I normally dance to…ya know? Weird huh? Well whatever, they were dead when I was done dancing so, hey, it works.

Come here, will ya, just sit on my lap till I’m done. …Let’s see…we got to that Broodlord that almost killed me last time. I was told to hang back till I got the word, and I did as I was told, being a good soldier and all. Then I struck, made it regret not finishing the job…well for a second. Then it was dead, so it can’t regret anymore.

Once that was all done, we came back and had a celebration party. And what a party it was, found this little gem among the crowd. …oh…I also had to give back those lightning claws I was using…a shame really, they were a fine weapon. Well, the party is never truly over, the night is still young, and it’s time to show my little guard here the… strength and beauty of this Spacewolf.

Mission one log brief

So, me and about 3 others showed up at the hall. There was supposed to be some other guy who was coming. Medic or something like that, least last I heard. I think the idiot got lost and we had to go on without him. The other Space Wolf… didn’t talk too much. None of us did, really. I don’t think I even got their names, and the Tech Marine rushed out almost like an idiot without the rest of us.

Either way, the mission went something along the lines of this:
-there are 3 strange saints who supposedly pulled the world from destruction. Seems they’ve been around a long time…too long. Each time they’ve been spotted, they were different:
1. 3 Men
2. 1 Woman, 2 Men
3. 3 Women
4. Last sighting was 2 women, 1 man.

So supposedly these swords either are demonic and possess the wielder, are part of the eldar plot, or just holy relics (Such a stupid explanation though). We went to Falon’s Lament to recover one of these weapons, named Amoracchius.

The planet looked nice above, till we got to the real drop spot. Warzone, big firefight going on. The Tech Marine was the leader, and had me stick close while she had the other two move around somewhere else. Then we spotted the Acolyte team, pinned down. They were our secondary mission, and really, I was sick of running and wanted to shoot something there. Why not the cultists? I mean, they were part of our third mission (Destroy them), and they WERE shooting at the Acolytes. So I shot a few rounds, distracting them, and after some brief firing, a good deal of the cultist mob was dead. Not really too much of a fight really. They didn’t even get to shoot back. The Acolytes were saved though and should be heading back. Not sure what they’ll do, but they should be damn glad they’re alive.

That’s the latest. No sign of this sword yet, but I’m kinda hoping that it’s guarded by something worth the search.


Mission 1 Breifing
Recover Amoraccius

From the desk of Lord Inquisitor Heinrick VonBraum

Re: Unusual Activity in the Jericho Reach
Subject of inquest: the swords Amoracchius, Fidelacchius,Esperacchius and their bearers.

Data is as follows -

During a hard period of time in this sector there arose 3 living saints who would travel from world to world as if brought by the Emperor himself to the aid of worlds on the edge of destruction. The Presence of these three did not save the worlds but rather would pull them back from the edge of destruction. What is most puzzling is that the living saints were said to have appeared first as far back as m32.005 This is most puzzling, as our records don’t even show the saints to always be the same people, sometimes it’s 3 men, one time it was 1 woman and 2 men. Another time 3 Women, and the last instance of them was 2 women and 1 man. The only thing constant between all these reports were the swords, always described in perfect detail. Because the details of the swords never change this leads me to consider several distinct possibilities.

First is that the swords contain daemons and are possessing their users.
Second that the swords are part of a xenos plot (probably the eldar)
Third that what we are seeing is actually different people wielding three holy relic swords. I’m not holding my breath on this one.

Lastly it should be made known that the weapons have names given to them in what can only be called an old form of high gothic. Those names being Amoracchius, Fidelacchius,Esperacchius or Love, Faith and Hope. We shall see if that is what these swords truly hold.

Mission Data

Planet: Falon’s Lament.
Planetary classification: Unknown/Unclassified/Recently Settled
Ecological survey: Plantet has large tropical Band, with Land Masses covered by dense Rain Forrest.
Environmental threat assessment: several large predators, including several large aggressive felines.

Landing site: Space Port Groom’s Lake, attached to city of same name.

Reason for insertion: acolyte team has encountered heavy resistance. Amorachius located.


Primus – recover Amorachius.
Secondus – rescue Acolyte Team
- identify cult
- destroy cult
- capture or kill cult leaders
- identify why Living Saints Came here.

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