Seek The Saints

One fun time

…I’ll be ready soon, I should hic just do this reeeeaaal quick. …Now let’s see, we went back to finish the job that we didn’t before. I killed…hmmm…3…4…8? geneshtealersh hic hahahaha s-TEAL-ers. All the time when I fought them I just was thinking about this songs I normally dance to…ya know? Weird huh? Well whatever, they were dead when I was done dancing so, hey, it works.

Come here, will ya, just sit on my lap till I’m done. …Let’s see…we got to that Broodlord that almost killed me last time. I was told to hang back till I got the word, and I did as I was told, being a good soldier and all. Then I struck, made it regret not finishing the job…well for a second. Then it was dead, so it can’t regret anymore.

Once that was all done, we came back and had a celebration party. And what a party it was, found this little gem among the crowd. …oh…I also had to give back those lightning claws I was using…a shame really, they were a fine weapon. Well, the party is never truly over, the night is still young, and it’s time to show my little guard here the… strength and beauty of this Spacewolf.


HaplessOne Silverthunder

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