Refia Ironclad

Iron Hands Techmarine


WS 39 BS 44 S 36(6) T 39(6) AG 46(4) INT 40(4) Per 41(4) WP 46(4) FEL 38(3)
Past Event: Thranxian Tank Master Chapter Demeanour: Harsh Personal Demeanour: Proud
Rank 1 Power Armor History: None shall escape the Emperor’s Wrath
Wounds Total:22 Current: 22 Movement: 4/8/12/24 Fate Points Total:3 Current:3
EXP: 1650 EXP used: 400
Reknown: 5


Awareness (Per) – T
Barter (Fel) – B
Carouse (T) – B
Charm (Fel) – B
Ciphers (Int)
*Chapter Runes – T
Climb (S) – T
Command (Fel) – B
Common Lore (Int)
*Adeptus Astrates – T
*Death Watch – T
*Imperium – T
*War – T
Concealment (AG) – T
Contortionist (Ag) – B
Disguise (Fel) – B
Dodge (Ag) – T
Drive (Ag)
*Ground Vehicles – T
Evaluate – B
Forbidden Lore (Int)
*Xenos – T
Gamble (Int) – B
Inquiry (Fel) – B
Intimidate (S) – B
Interrogation – T
Literacy – T
Logic – B
Navigation (Int)
*Surface – T
Scholastic Lore (Int)
*Codex Astrates – T
Scrutiny (Per) – B
Search (Per) – T
Silent Move (Ag) – T
Speak Language (Int)
*High Gothic – T
*Low Gothic – T
*Techna – Lingua – T
Swim – B
Tech use – +10
Tracking – T

Talents and Trait

Astrates Weapon Training
Bulging Biceps
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Killing Strike
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
True Grit
Unarmed Master
Unnatural Strength x2
Unnatural Toughness x2
Mechadendrite use (Servo Arm)
Improve Cover
Rapid Reload.


Class: Basic Damage: 2d10+5 Type: Explosive Pen: 5
Range: 100m Rof: S/2/4 Clip: 20 RLD: Full
Special Rules: Tearing

Bolt Pistol
Class: Pistol Damage: 2d10+5 Type: Explosive Pen: 5
Range:30m Rof: s/3/- Clip: 14 RLD: full
Special Rules: Tearing

Combat Knife
Class: Melee Damage: 1d10+8 Type: Rending Pen:2
Special Rules: None

Servo Arm (Exceptional)
Class: melee Damage: 2d10+16 Type: Impact Pen: 10
Special Rules: +10 to grapple tests

Servo Arm (Regular)
Class: Melee Damage: 2d10+14 Type: Impact Pen: 10
Special Rules: None

Heavy Flamer
Class: Heavy Damage: 2D10+6 Type:Energy Pen: 6
RoF: Range: 30’ Clip: Rld: 2 full
Special Rules:


exceptional Astrates Servo Arm
Exceptional Auger Array
Exceptional Bionic Arm
Servo Skull (VII-IV)
Bolter with Fire Selector
Servo Arm
Bolt Pistol
3 Frag Gernades
3 Krack Gernades
Armor Repair Cement

Armor Locations and Values

head (01-10)
Right Arm (11-20)
Left Arm (21-30)
Body (31-70)
Right Leg (71-85)
Left Leg (86-00)



Like every other Iron Hand, Refia became a
battle brother after cutting her hand and
remplacing it with a cybernatic one, she was even
chosen to be a the bodyguard of the Clan Lord..
After many years of service, she was to return
to her primary duty as to maintain the children
of the Omnissiah, fixing weapons and vehicles alike.
her proheficiency with mechanic value her high
for a good add-on in the Deathwatch.

7 feet tall, her chapter already being black in color doesn’t
make her stand out in her Deathwatch armor, her left arm is cybernetic and
she doesn’t speak much, unless talked to. the Servo-arms on her back make her look taller than she really is. without her armor, she wear the adeptus mechanicus robe, her hair are black with a light shade of blue in them, cut relatively short, her eyes are grey and have a pale skin tone.

Refia Ironclad

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